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Simply put... Regular proper structural maintenance, cleaning and environment monitoring is essential for a structurally sound, aesthetically pleasing data center.

1. Protect your equipment from harmful pollutants and unstable environmental conditions

2. Protect your staff from injury due to lack of structural maintenance

3. Preserve your irreplaceable assets

4. Eliminates unnecessary rapid aging of your raised floor systems

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Qualified Professional Technicians
Tate Certified Installers
Verified with Background Checks
Bonded, Licensed and Insured

Who is in your data center?

raised floors: clean, maintain, install
Data Center: equipment cleaning


Raised Floor Services, Inc. want to provide you with the peace of mind. Our equipment is thoroughly cleaned prior to being brought to your facility to ensure that we are not bringing contaminants from another area.  We use HEPA filter vacuums that meet Federal Standards for Clean Rooms. Using a surface cleaning machine specifically designed for cleaning access flooring, we guarantee that no water reaches the sub-floor. Products used are specifically manufactured to meet computer room requirements. Job supervision is done by our access floor installer ensuring that your floor meets installation standards.

Our services provide you with the assurance that the foundation of your data center is structurally sound and the whole environment is clean and contaminant free.


Our service begins with an initial site visit of your facility by a qualified raised floor technician. Our technician will identify your floor system, its age and gather other pertinent information. The sub-floor plenum will be evaluated for debris, dirt, rust and other harmful contaminants, while examining the structural integrity of the system. Our technician will discuss with you your concerns and requirements regarding the frequency of maintenance along with our recommendations. Upon completion of our initital visit, we will prepare a proposal tailored to your specific needs to restore and maintain your floor system at design specifications.

UNDERFLOOR CLEANING AND STRUCTURAL MAINTENANCE | With proper maintenance using Raised Floor Services, Inc. qualified technicians, we ensure that your floor - the foundation of your data centers - performs at the manufacturer's designed criteria.

Removal of accessible floor panels
Wipe down stringers
Inspection of each accessible floor component for structural integrity
Secure any loose pedestals
Adjustment of rocking panels and panels not seated correctly
Intense HEPA filter vacuuming of the underfloor and grid system
Vacuum cable trays
Clean perforated panels
Replace any scratched, chipped or delaminated panels with panels from customer stock
Reinstall panels ensuring level of floor system


Vacuum surface as required
Clean under equipment where accessible
Remove scuffs to extent possible
Professional surface cleaning with RISE system equipment & products specially formulated for access floors
Vacuum as required, using an electro-magnetically shielded HEPA filter vacuum systems


Complete anti-static cleaning of the outside of all computer cabinets, racks, monitors, hardware, CRAC units, PDU’s etc.
Vacuum as required, using an electro-magnetically shielded HEPA filter vacuum
Clean tops of cabinets


An report will be provided with particle count meter readings before and after the cleaning is done
This environmental report will include average temperature and average humidity of the room cleaned
A statement of debris removed from sub floor will be provided
Notations on any structural problems that have been corrected
Notification of any unusal findings or concerns

RAISED FLOOR INSTALLATION| Our professional qualified staff will design, install and maintain custom solutions for every type of facility.

General Office
Service Corridors
Computer Rooms
Internet Data Centers/Telcom Switch
Electrical/Telcom Closet
Educational Facilities
Print Rooms
Call Centers
Trading Floors
Retail Spaces