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Simply put... Regular proper structural maintenance, cleaning and environment monitoring is essential for a structurally sound, aesthetically pleasing data center.

1. Protect your equipment from harmful pollutants and unstable environmental conditions

2. Protect your staff from injury due to lack of structural maintenance

3. Preserve your irreplaceable assets

4. Eliminates unnecessary rapid aging of your raised floor systems

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Qualified Professional Technicians
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Complete Facility Refurbishment

Raised Floor Services, Inc. can complete an entire facility refurbishment without the inconveniences of packing and moving personnel. No downtime or disconnections of valuable equipment is experienced. Minimal disruption is accomplished by working after hours and utilizing our loaner floor panel program. Aesthetic appearances matter. Improving your facility's appearance can increase productivity and provides a positive impact on personnel and visitors.

All Brands Refurbished

Raised Floor Services, Inc. is capable of refurbishing all brands of raised floor panels with factory laminated carpet, carpet tile or other types of floor coverings. Replacement of broadloom, conventional carpet tile or various roll goods on typical subfloors can also be accomodated.

Refurbishment Steps

1. Our certified technicians remove all free raised floor panels and/or carpet. Using a innovative hydraulic lift, any workstation, demountable wall system, or miscellaneous office furniture is elevated to access any trapped carpet. This lift process ensures protection to expensive systems furniture and eliminates the concern of having to disconnect computers and other office equipment.

2. New carpet is replaced and any cuts, changes or adjustments are made while the furniture is elevated. The furniture is then lowered into its original position.

3. Business as usual. Your facility is completely refurbished without downtime and disruption which saves time and money. The hassle of moving and relocating personnel is eliminated since our certified technicians work off hours and can install approximately 150-200 square yards per shift.

Refurbishment Specifications: Finish Options/Guidelines

Worn access floor panels shall be refurbished and installed in accordance with Raised Floor Services (RFS) and floor covering manufacturer's standard recommended guidelines. We will finish the surface of floor panel with floor covering material as indicated on contract drawings. Where floor coverings are by RFS, the type, color and pattern will be selected from RFS standard carpet types. Factory finished edges shall be monolithic to the panel edge unless otherwise specified. Consult RFS for pre-approved carpets or for a complete specification.

Ask us about refurbishment on other types of floor covering materials including
VCT, HPL, vinyl and rubber tiles.